Cop Gets Anal Sex in Spanish Hotel – FAKE COP

Cop Gets Anal Sex in Spanish Hotel - FAKE COP

Cop Gets Anal Sex in Spanish Hotel – Fake Cop – FAKE HUB

Anal Sex in Spanish Hotel: Well, it was bound to happen! A beautiful babe came running up to me in need of an actual police officer. Once we started talking, Damaris got so distracted by my devilish good looks she stepped into my cruiser. Anyone who’s seen me in action will know I’m always down for a forward broad like Damaris, especially when they figure out all my dirty tricks and hang around anyway. Once we’d started bantering, Damaris took me back to her hotel room to gag on my cock like a dirty bitch, she shoved the entire length of me down her throat until her tongue was lapping at my balls. You can bet I asked this nympho to lick my arsehole, she gave me a rimjob that tingled in my balls. With ass-play on the menu, I tossed Damaris on the bed and warmed her up with a nice hard fuck in her snug Euro pussy. Once she’d stopped quivering from her first orgasm, I stretched Damaris’s asshole out with a rough anal sex, until we were both tumbling over the brink of orgasm!



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